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The  OLDEST Doughboy              Dealership             In TheWest

Surprisingly Affordable


   There’s no better way to enjoy time with your family than in your own swimming pool. A Doughboy Pool makes it easy for you to stay healthy while beating the heat, soaking your cares away, and enjoying big time family fun without the big time expense.

The Original Portable Pool, Doughboy Pools are available in a wide range of attractive designs to match your unique style and home decor. All of our pools are 100% made in the USA.


Please note that Moir’s only sells Doughboy® products in our market area of northern Sonoma County, Mendocino & Lake Counties, and southern Humbolt County. This allows us to continue providing you with reliable after sale support and services.

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" Life, love and a whole lot of memories happen right here at Nonni and Papa's. "  Don and Debbie Summit - Redwood Valley

Already planning your summer vacation? This year, why not choose a staycation in your own backyard? Invest in a Doughboy and keep your family healthy and happy for years to come! Sixty-five years ago Doughboy invented the first portable pool. Since then, they’ve lead the industry with their quality products and innovations. That’s why only Doughboy offers a deep swimming area that expands up to 7 feet deep, lifetime warranties and a wide range of attractive designs to match your unique style. Doughboy gives you more options than you can dream of:  above-ground or buried, 12′ rounds to 41’x21′ ovals, beautiful liners and pool walls, steel or resin construction, and 11 different models to choose from. Only Doughboy can offer you the ability to adjust the height of the visible pool wall from 54″ down to only 6″ above the ground giving you exactly what you are looking for.

Right size for every backyard



                     up to 7 feet deep

History of Doughboy


  During World War I, Domain Industries, through its packaging machinery operation, perfected rubber sealing and won the Army contract to seal K-rations. K-rations were a “meal in a can” carried by United States soldiers during battle. During World War I, United States soldiers were known as Doughboys.

  In 1947, Domain Industries formally named their packaging machinery operation the Doughboy Plastics Division. Doughboy Plastics Division was created specifically to enter the outdoor family entertainment market by manufacturing inflatable splasher pools, toys, and beach balls. Years later, they changed the name to Doughboy Recreational. Hoffinger Industries purchased Doughboy Recreational from Domain Industries in 1974. Hoffinger Industries was founded and owned by Marty Hoffinger, who in 1945 invented one of the first above ground pool filters. In 2012, Hoffinger Industries was acquired by its president, Doug Hollowell.

  Doughboy Recreational, a division of Hoffinger Industries, is still in the rubber sealing business. Our Therma-Seal technology results in a liner seam that is actually stronger than the liner material itself – enabling us to provide a 100% lifetime warranty against seam failures. We are also the only pool manufacturer in the world that actually makes everything it sells from raw materials.

Our production takes place in our 660,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Arkansas. Here we continually explore new design concepts and product advances. We start with the basics – the raw materials. Starting with raw materials allows us to monitor all phases of the production process, assuring everything meets our stringent standards of quality. We produce the finest above ground pools, filtration systems, skimmers, and related accessories for your investment dollars. Doughboy Recreational is, and has always been, proud to be made in America!




Kickin' Back Cajun Style

Above-ground pool brings a slice of the bayou to this backyard

Moir's Pools, Hot Tubs & Patio, Ukiah, CA. has elevated the art of above-ground pool installation with this backyard bayou-swamp themed creation in Redwood Valley, CA.

"Everyone does pools with the oasis and tropical themes", says Don Moir manager of Ukiah, CA. based Moir's Pools, Hot Tubs & Patio. "For our pool, we wanted something different. A Bayou Swamp Pool.

   The resulting above-ground pool and it's surroundings express that theme well. The inspiration for the "Bait and Tackle Shop" which houses the pool equipment, changing room and pool toy's storage came from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland. "The rest just snowballed from there",  says Moir.

   The exterior of this one of a kind bait shop was constructed soley with salvaged materials, including a rusty metal roof, an old glazed broken window, "wood-peckered" porch posts, and weathered gray redwood fence boards.  "These materials give the bait and tackle shop a rustic and realistic Cajun look," Moir says.  

   To enhance the theme, Moir incorporated fish nets, fishing poles, a bait bucket, a gator squirting water, signs that read, "Beware of the attack gators," and Cajun and Dixieland music plays softly in the background.

   Moir's father-in-law Lyle Vincent, who was born and raised in Louisiana, took park in creating the backyard bayou.  Vincent hand made the Cajun canoe especially for this project.

   The lush landscaping around the pool ads to the effect as well.  More than thirty kinds of perennials and annuals frame the pool with a bouquet of color.  

   As if all that weren't enough, Moir says they have "5-star views of California's wine country" from in and around the pool.


    We just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our new Doughboy

Pool !    It was quite a job to put together but, we really appreciate your help. You provide excellent customer service! Not only during the purchase but, also when we had questions during the installation. We will definitely recommend Moir's Pools to our friends...   Tim & Tami

MOIR'S  is located at 509 South State Street, Ukiah, CA. 95482 - (707) 462-7305

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