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What is this JetPak thing all about anyway?


 * The JetPak Therapy System™ is a revolutionary way to ensure that your spa experience is personalized just for you. Each JetPak® is designed to provide a unique massage with unique wellness benefits. You are empowered to design your spa specifically for your personal needs and preferences, and because JetPaks® are interchangeable, you can upgrade JetPaks or move them to different locations within the spa at any time.


               will save you money and energy.

   Full foam insulation and up to 90% less plumbing make Bullfrog Spas the most energy-efficient spas in their class.*

   So sit back and relax without worrying about your energy bill.


                        * Figures based on A7L model with optional WellSpring filtration pump, average energy cost of $0.10 per   

       kilowatt-hour, average ambient air temperature of 60 degrees and 101 degrees water temperature. Energy usage shown varies according to local rates and use. Energy usage figures based on data published by the California Energy Commission.


What makes                so reliable?


1. Sturdy base & frame to withstand any weather

2. Less plumbing & fewer holes to prevent leaks

3.                Quality components made in the USA


Sturdy Frame & Structure

Each Bullfrog Spa is built on our patented EnduraFrame™ support structure, a sturdy molded ABS spa frame made with no wood or metal so it will never rot or corrode. Our state-of-the-art spa construction methods provide enduring support for your hot tub and the thousands of pounds of water it will hold.


The molded ABS EnduraBase™, EnduraBeam™ structural columns and other EnduraFrame™ components are precision aligned the exact same way every time with no human error.


Forget your worries and focus on comfort and relaxation. Your Bullfrog Spa is well-built and worry-free.




Conventional Spas Plumbing

Less Plumbing & No Leaks

  Because Bullfrog Spas are built with the patented

JetPak Therapy System, they have up to 90% less

plumbing than conventional spas.


This vastly simplified pipework means fewer holes,

fittings, and hoses, and most importantly, no leaks.


It even means less power loss so you can enjoy

more powerful jets.


  With the elimination of as many failure points as possible in your spa, you can have peace of mind that your Bullfrog Spa will work reliably for years to come.


Quality in Every Detail

The Bullfrog Spas team goes the extra mile to make sure your hot tub will last long and be easy to maintain.


As a part of the design, extra supports are added in high-usage areas to strengthen overall spa integrity and to create an exact fit.


The composite molded EnduraBase™ spa base even has the following:


  • hand-holds for moving the spa

  • convenient electrical chase-ways for easier electrical set up

  • vents to keep out unwanted pests

  • and an easy-access external drain


MOIR'S  is located at 509 South State Street, Ukiah, CA. 95482 - (707) 462-7305

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