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We suggest that you DON'T USE BROMINE in your spa. Here's why......

Do you have thyroid health concerns? If so, we at MOIR’S would recommend that you choose a water sanitation method that does not include BROMINE. Bromine in a floater supplies the hot tub water with a constant supply of soda bromide and other chemicals. These chemicals remain in the water and are readily absorbed by our skin. When absorbed or ingested, the bromine will displace iodine which could lead to iodine deficiency, thus causing deceased thyroid function.

Over exposure to bromine is also toxic to our central nervous system, and has been linked to psychological disturbances. Other more common reactions to bromine use include skin rashes, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, fatigue and a metallic taste.

Regular hot tub use is a healthy habit. We at Moir’s would love to share with you the many options available for water sanitation.

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