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Salt Water vs Chlorine


I thought I would address this topic since there are many folks that are confused. Gosh, you can see why, after going online and seeing all the misinformation that is out there. No, salt water pools don't take the trash out for you too ! ? Seriously, the truth is that a salt water pool IS a chlorinated pool. Basically here is how it works. Salt is made of sodium and a chloride ion. When the salt water pass thru the generator cell it it is separated by an electrical current and, SHAZAM, you have made liquid chlorine. Yup, it is the same chlorine that you buy here at MOIR'S. So, maybe a better way to think about a saltwater pool system is that it is a kind-of automatic liquid chlorine feeder.

Here are the PROS to salt water pools.

#1 - The water feels soft .

#2 - It is automated .

#3 - You do not have to purchase chlorine.

Here are the CONS to salt water pools.

#1 - The systems are expensive. $$

#2 - To make chlorine, you must run your pump and filter system .

#3 - Average life span of the salt generator is 3 - 5 years .

#4 - To maintain a proper pH level, you will be required to add Muriatic Acid weekly.

#5 - The water chemistry can be tricky to figure out .

#6 - If the pH is not properly maintained, you can seriously scale the pool surface.

Really, I think that there are more and more people wanting to use little or no chlorine in their pool. That's cool. I get it. If you would like to learn how you can have a low or non chlorine pool in your backyard stop by our showroom to learn what options are available.

Thank's Don

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